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Why Choose

Alavi + Braza, P.C.? 

At Alavi + Braza, P.C. we believe every client deserves the highest quality legal services from a law firm that is part of their community. We know we can’t be everything to everyone everywhere. That’s why we focus on providing only real estate law services in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our commitment to this specialty and our community permeates everything we do.

We value personal relationships, knowledge, integrity, trust, and loyalty. Our clients know without a doubt that we will be there with them whenever they need us, be it on the phone or, at the closing table. Our relentless commitment to quality and reputation for excellence ensures that our clients receive the highest quality legal services from lawyers they know; lawyers that are prepared, persistent, and persuasive.

We stress with our associates, our staff, our clients and even in our relationships with other attorneys the following values that we hope set us apart.


All we have is our word, and it is paramount to our relationship with you that we always tell you the truth. Doing so is particularly important when we have to tell you things you may not want to hear. While some attorneys may “inflate” your expectations, we believe it is imperative to give you the benefit of our advice unvarnished, with both the best and worst-case scenarios, so that you can make an informed decision. This emphasis on honesty extends to our staff, our billing policies, even to how unpredictable a certain outcome may be.

White-Glove Service

Simply put, we strive to treat every case as if it is our most important matter that we have before us. We thoroughly inform you of your options. We use a team approach so that you receive the benefit of all our attorneys. We train our staff to be courteous and responsive. We return calls and we keep you informed of the progress of your matter as it progresses.

Importance of Relationships

There are few relationships more intimate and confidential than that of attorneys and their clients. We value the relationships that we have built over the years with our clients and have been pleased to watch these relationships grow over the years. It is not uncommon for someone to buy their first house with us, and call us back when they are ready to buy their second. Nurturing these relationships means a lot to us. 

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