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Seller Representation

Our office focuses on real estate matters and we are committed to ensuring that the sale of your property is seamless, efficient, and with the least amount of disruption to your schedule.  If you are planning on selling your primary residence or your investment property, we can help you navigate through that process and work for hand in hand with your real estate agent to ensure a successful closing.


Our services for buyers include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Review of any agreements between you and your real estate professional/agent.

  • Review, negotiate and prepare the Offer to Purchase and Purchase and Sale Agreement to ensure that your interest is protected.

  • Rectify any issues that may arise during the pending of your sale.

  • Coordinate the simultaneous closing of your sale and your purchase, if you intend to buy another property at the same time.

  • Assist in resolving and clearing any issues that may be found in the examination of your property’s title.

  • Prepare all the documentation that is needed to facilitate the sale of your property including the deed, limited power of attorney, affidavit of no-information reporting, affidavit of non-foreign status.

  • Orchestrate the closing and represent you at the closing, review all the closing documents, answer any questions you may have at the closing table, and resolve any disputes that may arise prior to, or at the closing.

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